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CAYLUS logo Inhalant misuse is an issue that affects individuals and communities across Australia.

The information below has been developed through a partnership between the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service (CAYLUS), and will be regularly updated to reflect new developments and case studies on this topic.

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Inhalant facts
Find out what inhalants look like, how they're used, the effects on the body, withdrawal symptoms, and more.

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Inhalants and the law
Information about the various Australian laws relating to the use and sale of inhalants in Australian states and territories.

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Free handouts and online resources on inhalants
Free and online resources on inhalants, including fact sheets, pamphlets, reports, websites and audio-visual resources.

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Reducing inhalant supply
Controlling the availability of inhalants in order to reduce their use. Strategies and case studies.

WYDAC Reducing inhalant harm
Minimising the negative effects of inhalants without expecting people who use them to stop or reduce their use. Strategies and case studies.
spray thumbnail Reducing inhalant demand
Offering people alternative ways to deal with the problems that may be contributing to their substance use, in order to reduce the appeal of inhalants. Strategies and case studies.
boy cap thumbnail Coping with a friend or family member using alcohol or other drugs
Find advice and support for helping someone with any drug problem, including inhalants, and for helping yourself during this difficult time.
cdat joinacdat thumbnail Addressing alcohol and other drug use in your community
Get advice on how to effectively take action to minimise and prevent the harmful use of drugs and alcohol in your community.
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Finding treatment
Learn what treatment options are available and how to get in contact with these services.

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Finding research and publications on inhalants
Free access to over 1 million resources on a range of alcohol and drug-related topics, including inhalants.


This information on this page has been formed in consultation with the following Inhalants Advisory Group members:

  • Peter D'Abbs (Menzies School of Health Research)
  • Christine Kelly (Darwin Addiction Assessment Service)
  • Susie Low (WYDAC Mt Theo Program)
  • Sarah Maclean (University of Melbourne)
  • Angela Rizk (Volatile Substances Program Workforce Development WA Drug & Alcohol Office)
  • Liz Toeke (Young People Ahead Youth & Community Services Inc Mount Isa QLD)
  • Cameron Francis (Dovetail)
  • Maggie Brady (Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University ACT)
  • Kate Podevin (MH-AOD Branch QLD Health)
  • Tristan Ray (Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service)
  • Anna Gifford (Alcohol and Drug Foundation)


The ADF expresses sincere thanks for their contribution, feedback and support.

Last updated: 13 April 2016

Information you heard is intended as a general guide only. This audio is copyrighted by the Australian Drug Foundation. Visit for more