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New and emerging drugs

Prevention in Action, April 2013

Please note: Since this document was published the term 'new and emerging drugs' (NEDs) has been replaced by the term 'new psychoactive substances' (NPS).

A collection of articles on new and emerging drugs around how clinicians, allied health and youth workers, researchers and policy makers can respond to new and emerging drugs.

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New Zealand's novel legislative approach
Jackson Wood and Catherine McCullogh are senior advisors for the New Zealand Drug Foundation

Opinion. Harm reduction: only collaboration between regulators, manufacturers and consumers will work
Dr Adam R Winstock, is a Consultant Psychiatrist at SLAM NHS Trust in the UK, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Kings College London, Founder and Director of the Global Drug Survey, and the architect of the drugs meter ( and drinks meter (

The Kronic chronicles
Stephen Bright is Coordinator of Addiction Studies and Monica Barratt is Research Fellow at the National Drug Research Institute, both at Curtin University

Communicating the risks of unknown harms
Cameron Francis is a social worker at Dovetail.

Tracking emerging drugs in Australia: the case of NBOMe drugs
Dr Monica Barratt is Research Fellow at the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University.

Emerging drug laws: a  minefield of complexity
Greg Barnes is a barrister and former National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

Industry perspective: Why the legal high industry is thriving
Fiona Patten is Executive Officer at The Eros Association—Australia's national adult retail and entertainment association—and President of the Australian Sex Party.

Your view: Could legal highs be a safer alternative to alcohol?
Evert Rauwendaal, social worker

Book review: Drugs without the hot air, by David Nutt
Reviewed by Ian Comben, Information Officer, Australian Drug Foundation.

Website review:
Reviewed by Linda Rehill, Web Content Editor (DrugInfo), Australian Drug Foundation.

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