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Coping with a family member or friend using alcohol or other drugs

The following resources provide advice and support for people affected by the alcohol or other drug use of their family members or friends.

ice thumbnail Ice: family & friends support guide

A free support guide for family and friends, providing more information on how you can support a loved one using ice.

Inhalant Use Guide Inhalant use: a guide for parents and families

A booklet designed for parents, family members and other carers concerned that their young person could be using inhalants.

Sniffing and Chroming: A guide for parents and carers worried about their children Strong Spirit Strong Mind: Aboriginal ways to reduce harm from alcohol and other drugs

Sniffing and Chroming: A guide for parents and carers worried about their children.

fact sheet image_page_1 Drug use in the family
Fact sheet
It's normal to feel helpless, frustrated, worried and upset when someone close to you has a drug problem. This fact sheet outlines practical steps you can take to work through the issues.
fact sheet image_page_1 Healthy eating during treatment for alcohol and other drugs
Fact sheet
Good nutrition should be a part of the withdrawal process as poor dietary habits can contribute to increased cravings and the risk of relapse. This fact sheet provides tips on a healthy diet and lifestyle.
fact sheet image_page_1 Supporting children: a guide for grandparents
Fact sheet
If you're one of the estimated 22,500 Australian grandparents acting as primary caregiver for your grandchildren, this fact sheet provides some helpful strategies for supporting your grandchildren and looking after yourself.
fact sheet image_page_1 Supporting someone through home-based withdrawal
Fact sheet
This fact sheet focuses on home-based withdrawal, which involves the person going through withdrawal while living in their own home or some other safe place as opposed to going to a drug and alcohol treatment service or withdrawal facility.
Is someone you care about using drugs? Is someone you care about using drugs?
This 29 page booklet provides advice for people wanting to support a friend or family member who is using alcohol or other drugs. Call Family Drug Helpline on 1300 660 068 for a single free copy.
Why can't they just stop? - booklet Why can't they just stop?
This 32 page booklet provides support for people living with the consequences of having a family member or close friend who is a problem drinker. Call Family Drug Helpline on 1300 660 068 for a single free copy.
Myth busting alcohol - booklet Myth busting alcohol
This 33 page booklet helps parents to understand and deal with underage drinking. Call Family Drug Helpline on 1300 660 068 for a single free copy.
The merry-go-round of addiction_thumbnail The merry-go-round of addiction
This booklet provides proven strategies to help those dealing with a family member's addictive behaviours to regain control of their life and improve family relationships.  Limited hard copies available. Contact DrugInfo.
Walking a tightrope - booklet Walking a tightrope. Alcohol and other drug use and violence: a guide for families [PDF:854KB]
PDF booklet 
This online booklet provides advice and strategies for people coping with the violent behaviour of a family member who uses alcohol or other drugs.
Cover image: A guide to coping A guide to coping: Support for families faced with problematic drug use

A resource guide developed by Family Drug Support providing families with practical strategies and information when facing problematic drug and alcohol use.

Cover image: Not my family, never my child Not my family, never my child: What to do if someone you love is a drug user
Written by Tony Trimingham, CEO of Family Drug Support, this book provides detailed information on warning signs, early intervention, coping and survival strategies, treatment, and where to go for additional advice and support.
SteppingStones cover Stepping Stones workbook
Published by Family Drug Support & the Alcohol and Drug Foundation
This is the essential workbook for families coping with problematic drug use of their loved ones. Developed by Family Drug Support, this workbook provides a step-by-step guide to help people turn crisis into coping.



Last updated:  27 April 2016

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