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Our publications

Since 2002 DrugInfo has been producing high quality, evidence-based publications in a variety of formats, including fact sheets, Prevention in Action and Prevention Research.

Please note that the names of the 2 publications that make up the prevention suite have changed:

  • Prevention Research Quarterly is now Prevention Research
  • DrugInfo newsletter is now Prevention in Action

Browse through our publications—they’re all available free online for you to read or download, print and copy.

Find out about copyright of our publications.

Fact sheets

Each fact sheet provides an easy-to-read outline of an important topic related to alcohol and other drugs.  Don't forget to check the intended audience at the top of the page to make sure it suits your purpose.

Fact sheets are ideal as handouts, because they can be downloaded in PDF format, in their original hard copy design, ready for printing.

Prevention Research (PR)

Prevention Research is produced twice a year, along with Prevention in Action. Each issue focuses on the integration of research into practice, in a specific area of prevention.

Prevention in Action (PIA)

Prevention in Action is published twice a year, and focuses on prevention of alcohol and other drug-related harms, for workers and professionals in the field.

Each issue includes articles on research, case studies, news and events. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the field.

Posters, booklets and media

Find colourful infographic posters, booklets and images that have been produced by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. Most are available to download.


Email alerts are sent to subscribers each week. They provide the latest information on  resources, events and news in the alcohol and other drug sector.


Listen to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation's audio recordings on topics relating to alcohol and other drugs. These include program podcasts and recordings of our seminars.

Other Alcohol and Drug Foundation publications

Along with these DrugInfo publications, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation releases a range of other publications throughout the year—both alone, and in conjunction with other leading organisations.



Last updated: 11 May 2016

    Information you heard is intended as a general guide only. This audio is copyrighted by the Australian Drug Foundation. Visit for more